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Clever Digital Marketing Campaigns That Think Outside of The Box


In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, thinking outside of the box is not just recommended—it’s required. Here are five examples of clever digital marketing campaigns that dared to be different and achieved great results.

1. Spotify: “Wrapped” Campaign

Spotify’s yearly “Wrapped” campaign combines user data and colorful visuals to create personalized year-end summaries for users. This clever digital marketing move boosts user engagement and promotes sharing on social media.

2. Burger King: “Whopper Detour”

In a cheeky move, Burger King offered its app users a Whopper for a penny, only if they ordered it within 600 feet of a McDonald’s. The audacious stunt resulted in downloads and attention, showcasing the power of geo-targeting and a little humor.

3. Airbnb: “Live There”

Rather than just advertising places to stay, Airbnb focused on experiences with their “Live There” campaign. This strategy effectively communicated Airbnb’s unique selling proposition and resonated with travellers seeking authentic experiences.

4. Dove: “Real Beauty Sketches”

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign explored perceptions of personal beauty. This emotionally resonant campaign successfully facilitated conversations around self-esteem and beauty standards, showing the power of meaningful content.

5. Old Spice: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

This hilarious and memorable campaign rejuvenated Old Spice’s image, appealing to a younger demographic. The clever use of humor and creativity resulted in viral success.


These clever digital marketing campaigns demonstrate that thinking outside of the box can drive engagement and create memorable experiences for customers. Your business can also leverage creative thinking to produce outstanding digital strategies.

Want to create your own clever digital marketing campaign?