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Demystifying Twitter Ads: Exploring The Varied Ad Types in 2023

As we’ve navigated into 2023, Twitter continues to be a vibrant space, accommodating over 300 million users and hosting more than 500 million tweets daily. The platform’s advertising arena is ever-evolving, offering distinct ad types that may be unfamiliar to marketers from more traditional domains. If you’re planning to explore Twitter advertising or aim to deepen your understanding of its workings, this comprehensive guide on “Different Types of Twitter Ads” is your perfect starting point.

Twitter’s extensive advertising suite includes:

  1. Promoted accounts
  2. Website cards
  3. App cards
  4. Promoted tweets
  5. Promoted trends
  6. Conversational ads

Promoted Accounts

Ideal for businesses establishing their Twitter presence or seeking to broaden their audience base, promoted accounts suggest your Twitter channel to potential followers through the home timeline and ‘who to follow’ sections on Twitter’s site and apps.

Why invest in audience expansion?

Organic social media growth can be time-consuming and require a significant amount of effort. Pairing your organic strategies with paid options like promoted accounts can substantially accelerate your audience expansion.

Website Cards

Website cards are Twitter’s answer to direct response digital marketing ads, designed to drive traffic and increase conversions on your website. However, remember to mould your website card to resonate with Twitter’s unique environment. A time-sensitive creative that references recent events, holidays, or seasons can significantly increase your website card’s effectiveness.

App Cards

If your focus is on promoting a mobile app instead of your website, app cards are your go-to solution. Like a website card, app cards allow you to create compelling content and provide an image. Rather than being directed to your webpage, users are guided to the Android Play Store or iOS App Store install screen for your app. Considering the mobile-first nature of Twitter users, app cards prove to be especially effective.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets enable you to magnify your tweets’ reach, thereby hitting a broader audience. Twitter suggests that businesses can organically reach roughly 30% of their follower base. By using promoted tweets, you can consistently connect with the remaining 70% of your followers and target other Twitter users potentially interested in your content.

Promoted Trends

Trending on Twitter is a monumental feat for any company. Promoted trends allow you to feature your own hashtag in Twitter’s trending list. While creating a buzz around your tweets or hashtags can be challenging, promoted trends are excellent for jumpstarting major marketing campaigns. But remember, it comes with a price tag, reportedly available to advertisers with budgets of $200,000 or more.

Conversational Ads

Conversational ads are a brilliant method to encourage Twitter users to engage, interact, and share your content. This relatively new ad product has tremendous potential, as it helps instigate discussions around topics related to your brand, thus increasing brand exposure.

In conclusion, Twitter offers a diverse set of ad products to cater to various marketing needs. Navigating these options effectively can elevate your brand’s visibility and engage your target audience, thus significantly boosting your digital marketing efforts.

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