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Holistic Digital Marketing Strategies

Holistic marketing is a marketing strategy that considers the entire firm & all marketing channels as a system. A company’s various departments work together in synergy to achieve a conscious mission, a wonderful customer experience, and a positive brand image under this strategy.

When most people think of a digital strategy, they look to their digital marketing department or agency to plan and deploy a solution. But to be truly successful, all aspects of your online presence need to be coordinated while still complementing your offline strategy.

Your online brand is made up of many components (even if you are a small business), and there are typically multiple departments, teams and external providers involved in ensuring your success. In fact, you will find that almost your entire business has some influence on your online presence:

Your digital marketing team or firm handle presenting appropriate marketing messages to your target audiences at the right time and driving that traffic to your website.

Your website developers, copywriters, graphic designers and UX designers present your site visitors with clear, understandable journeys from the landing page to making a purchase or other types of conversions.

Your customer service team assist those who get stuck along the way and represent your brand to those visitors who transition from online to offline sales.

Your social media team or PR agency interacts with your customers and the public via social media channels and pages in a way that represents your brand’s voice, tone and message.

Even your service delivery and operations teams have a significant impact on the experience of your customers, who will then take that experience back online in the form of reviews, feedback and recommendations.

With all these different teams and agencies influencing your online brand, it makes sense that your digital strategy should coordinate all of them, not just focus on one or two.

In most cases, people still rely on their digital marketing agency or team to coordinate all the various departments. A quality digital marketing agency can help you develop a strategy that can be implemented across your entire organisation, ensuring consistency and quality from all aspects of your online brand.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency or to hire a manager for your in-house team, ask them for their ideas or a rough outline of what they would suggest. Their responses will tell you if they are thinking holistically or not.

Those who create successful digital strategies do:

  • Try to understand your business & objectives in-depth
  • Want to know your customer’s buying process (from start to finish)
  • Ask about your position in the market, competitors, USPs and what makes your business unique
  • Meet with your various department heads and other stakeholders to coordinate work
  • Discuss budgets and resourcing requirements, and will modify their strategy to suit your needs

Those who create successful digital strategies don’t:

  • Recommend solutions without asking questions
  • Consider visits or clicks as the only sign of success
  • Create ads without understanding your brand or marketing messages
  • Work in a silo without considering other departments and stakeholders
  • Prepare plans without knowing your budget

In our experience, this ‘holistic approach is the key to a successful digital strategy. Without considering your business as a whole, you run the risk of a piecemeal strategy that doesn’t get you the return you’d be hoping for. It’s something we do well. So if you’re looking to develop a holistic approach aimed at delivering measurable value, drop us a line – we’re always up for a chat.