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Why people are the most valuable asset in your marketing campaign 

Whether digital or traditional, marketing requires an understanding of behaviour and what drives us as humans to need, want, and desire something. Without this understanding, your marketing campaigns will almost certainly fail.

When looking at your marketing campaigns, there are so many vital components that could be considered most important, from your graphic & web design, content, user experience, your actual products and services, your optimisation technology, and much more.

If you talk to a content marketer or copywriter, they will tell you that copy is most important. Your website developer will tell you that a mobile-friendly landing page is most important, while your marketing team will tell you it is getting the right audience, and your product managers will claim that their fantastic products or services sell themselves.

While all of these components are truly important, the unspoken value they are all talking about is the people who create, manage and drive these components.

The copywriter, not the copy, is valuable because almost anyone can write a copy. Readers connect with and respond to good copy that can only be created by someone with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to foster that connection.

The same applies to all aspects of your marketing campaign, from the developers and graphic designers who make your landing pages, the marketers promoting your business, and the teams and individuals responsible for developing your products and services.

Underlying all of this expertise is an innate understanding of people and how they respond and react to your marketing message, imagery, the user experience, where they are, and knowing when they are ready to engage with your business. With your digital marketing optimisation, it is just as important that you have the right people in place, who can manage the aspects of digital marketing that require human understanding, such as ad creative, strategy, and structure, leaving your optimisation technology to perform the more mechanical or mathematical operations such as bid adjustments and pattern analysis.